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  Discover why Variable Refrigerant Volume "VRV" Air Conditioning Systems are the fastest growing segment in America today!

The is your place to learn the ins and outs of VRV technology from the EXPERTS that are in the trenches with the latest design application, engineering, service, and installation techniques.


The systems sales representatives for DXS are dedicated to helping you be successful in the design, application and installation of Daikin VRV systems.

Our project resume includes installations for Hotels, Schools, Universities, Office Buildings, High End Residences, and much more.

This site is designed to help you understand the core principals of High Efficiency HVAC system design and how Daikin VRV can help you meet your design requirements.

We discuss...

· Proper VRV Design

· Why Decentralized HVAC is the Clear Path for High Performance Building Design

· Installation Techniques and Recommendations

· The When and Why of Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Designs

· And Much More!


Daikin is the largest global manufacturer of HVAC equipment in the world.  VRV is the flagship product and at the core of their global market dominance.  Whether you are a contractor, engineer, commercial building owner, or residential home owner, we invite you to discover how the use of Daikin VRV can benefit your business and your clients.

Each week my hard working team will continue to present technical product information, interview factory engineers, and pick the brains of experienced consulting engineers to help our local community find solutions for their HVAC designs and provide a convenient means for obtaining continuing education points.

There is no cost to participate in any of the live presentations or review any of the archived material. Just click the "Webinars and White Papers" link in the menu on the left and find the topic of interest.

If you have any questions or applications that you think would make sense for the products we rep, I encourage you to contact our office.

To your success!

Joel E. Hill 

Joel Hill

Engineering/Owner Sales Group

Direct Expansion Solutions, Inc.


Don't let yourself fall behind the technology curve or get blindsided by the industry changes in energy code requirements or green building design. 


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